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Let our experienced staff of certified aestheticians know what your goals are, and we will establish a plan-of-action that will significantly improve your complexion. Our regimens may be based on one type of treatment or a combination depending on your skin type, treatment zones, current conditions and various other factors. Rest assured that all of our products and practices are dermatologist-approved and are administered by a properly licensed aesthetician.


 Whether your goal is to minimize pores, eliminate acne, smooth rough or wrinkled skin, improve skin laxity and texture, combat cellulite, remove unwanted hair, or simply request advice on your skin care regimen, visit with a knowledgeable expert at Gravity Wellness Center for the very best in skin care – where beautiful skin is our business!

High Standards Yield Exceptional Results!

Get rid of unwanted wrinkles with reliable Botox treatment from the skilled professionals at Gravity Wellness Center. We offer safe and effective Botox and dermal filler treatments to deliver the results you want!

BOTOX® can dramatically reduce even the toughest wrinkles in 7-14 days!
















BOTOX® is now the most commonly administered aesthetic treatment worldwide due to its exceptional results and minimally invasive technique and is FDA approved haven proven to soften and reduce the appearance of facial wrinkles, especially those vertical “frown lines” between the eyebrows, “crow’s feet” located on the ends of the eyes and horizontal “forehead furrows.”


BOTOX® treatments yield temporary results that typically last from 3 to 4 months and does not require allergy testing.


JUVÉDERM® has become a widely-used and popular injectable dermal filler made by Allergen—the same manufacturer of BOTOX®.  JUVÉDERM® is made from hyaluronic acid (HA), a natural hydrating substance that makes your skin look firm and healthy. Age, sunlight and other elements contribute to a reduction in the amount of HA in our skin over time causing a loss in structure and volume resulting in wrinkles and folds.
















JUVÉDERM® is a safe and effective method used to replace lost HA restoring your skin’s youthful fullness by adding volume while reducing lines and folds. The results are instantaneous!


BOTOX® treatments yield temporary results that typically last from 3 to 4 months and does not require allergy testing.


Dermaplaning is a non-invasive procedure in which a high-trained technician runs an ultra-fine surgical blade across your skin to gently remove the topmost layer of skin, revealing the younger, tighter, more radiant layer beneath. The process involves a delicate touch to correct skin imperfections by rapidly exfoliating the surface layers of dead skin cells with light, feathered strokes promoting circulation and the formation of new collagen and elastin to improve skin texture and elasticity.


Treatments are ideal for treating these conditions:


  • Overall sun damage
  • Superficial, uneven pigmentation
  • Uneven, rough and granular skin
  • Fine lines and wrinkles
  • Enlarged pores
  • Clogged blackheads and acne lesions
  • Superficial scarring

Dermaplaning is typically a facial treatment but can be performed in other areas as recommended by the professionals at Gravity Wellness Center.

Chemical Peels performed by our specialists at Gravity Wellness Center are non-surgical skin care treatments performed on the face, arms, legs, neck, chest and/or hands to improve their appearance. Those wanting to minimize or correct fine lines, age spots or skin discoloration (hyperpigmentation), enlarged pores, light sun damage, light freckling, pregnancy mask (melasma) and scarring are all prime candidates for chemical peels.


Chemical Peels are one of the most sought after skin rejuvenation techniques because of their success in improving the skin’s overall appearance, even decreasing the visibility of scars you’ve had for a lifetime. By removing several layers of damaged skin, underlying new, fresh layers are exposed revealing a more even textured skin with healthy color and youthful tone. Peels also work great for those with acne by opening clogged follicles and decreasing oil production resulting in a massive reduction in blackheads and pimples.


Gravity Wellness Center utilizes all natural peeling agents derived from fruits and sugar cane. We use various strengths of glycolic, salicylic, jessner’s, lactic and other peels that are customized to accommodate your specific needs and skin type.


We recommend a series of treatments to maximize the benefits from this type of skin resurfacing. Chemical Peels can even be paired with microdermabrasion to yield incredible results.

Chemical Peels

Microneedling is a minimally invasive treatment guaranteed to rejuvenate your skin!


Gravity Wellness Center utilizes devices produced by Venus VivaTM with fine needles to create tiny punctures in the top layer of your skin triggering your body to create new collagen and elastin. Creation of those small openings kicks the skin into healing mode, where it rushes to repair itself. By generating high levels of collagen and elastin, you can expect improved skin texture and firmness, a reduction in scars, pore size, and stretch marks, as well as smoothing of pockmarks caused by acne while preventing fine lines from deepening. The best part is that your skin will glow with a level of radiance often reserved for red carpet glamour.


Microneedling with Venus Viva

Gravity Wellness skin treatments are not only for those with deep frown lines or crow's feet but also for those “aging” because of uneven skin tone. We’re not necessarily referring to a sweet smattering of freckles, but bigger, uneven brown patches found, on not only the face, but hands, décolletage and shoulder areas. It's these aging dark spots that are commonly known as pigmentation or skin discoloration, most of which are caused by harmful UV radiation from sun exposure.

Pigmentation Correction

Fortunately, our professionals are knowledgeable in evaluating and creating treatment plans to alleviate the stresses associated with more than just wrinkles and saggy skin. Our team will recommend one or more treatments, where appropriate, and begin bringing out the more fabulous you!

High tech solutions to long-term problems!

Eliminate the constant hassle of depilatories, shaving, tweezing, ingrown hairs, breakouts, stubble, threading, waxing, bumps, nicks, burns and everything else associated with the removal of unwanted facial and body hair. Gravity Wellness Laser Hair Removal can remove hair in a fraction of a second, with less discomfort, and more importantly, with long-lasting results!


Laser treatments disable hundreds of hair follicles through the use of light pulses absorbed by melanin, the natural pigment in skin and hair, in the area that contains the hair follicle. The energy is absorbed by the darker root of the hair, destroying it while leaving surrounding skin and sensitive tissues intact and unharmed. Unlike single-wavelength lasers, Gravity Wellness Center’s multi-wavelength capability is specifically designed for all skin types and covers a much broader area in each treatment.

Laser Hair Removal

Do you avoid wearing shorts or swim wear because of the social anxiety associated with your belief that others are staring at your spider veins? Spare yourself the embarrassment and paranoia by visiting with the professionals at the Gravity Wellness Center nearest you. You have nothing to lose except unsightly leg veins!


Sclerotherapy is a minimally invasive procedure used to eliminate varicose veins and spider veins by injecting Asclera directly into the veins. The solution irritates the lining of the blood vessel, causing it to swell and stick together, and the blood to clot leaving you with an improved texture and appearance. Get with Team Gravity to have any additional questions answered and to book an appointment right away.



Gravity Wellness Center is the exclusive center in Garden City that offers a comprehensive treatment plan that can be modified to treat both teenagers and adults. Contrary to popular misconception, acne is not solely a teenage problem, nor is it caused by puberty, stress or a diet high in salts, sugars or fats. Acne is a multi-factor disorder, and any or all of these factors can be genetic.


While there is no cure for acne, controlling it is certainly possible with a Gravity Wellness Treatment Plan which will obtain superior results with individualized therapy and minimal use of prescription drugs.


Acne patient are aware of how emotionally and socially debilitating outbreaks can be, especially when damage to the skin occurs, leaving deep pitted scars and craters. Unfortunately, significant losses in volume and even skin collapses accompany long-term plagues. Get with the experts at Gravity Wellness that understand how to treat the issues and let you regain control of your life.


Gravity Wellness Center employs multiple technologies to improve both acne and scarring. These include:

Acne Control

The professionals at Gravity Wellness Center are knowledgeable in a wide array of treatments and procedures aimed at correcting or improving imperfections throughout the body. Whether it be moles, skin tags, warts, angiomas, port wine, birthmarks, scars, acne scars, keratosis, tattoos, saggy skin or wrinkles, we can help enhance your appearance and your quality of life. Our variety of tactics include, but are in no way limited to, laser ablation, electrocautery and microneedling. Have a suspicious skin lesion? No problem. Let us surgically biopsy the area and get back to you with certified pathological results.


Consult with our anti-aging professionals in a private setting where you can get the secrets to younger-looking skin that every man and woman should know.

Cosmetic Dermatology

Even those who eat sensibly and exercise regularly still have stubborn problem areas and cellulite deposits that defy spot reduction. Those curves and contours that make your body look amazing are inevitably paired with one bulge or ripple in the wrong place ruining your self-esteem and hard work.


Body sculpting—the smoothing and shrinking of these problem areas – can easily be achieved through laser lipolysis a minimally-invasive aesthetic surgery aimed at removing unwanted body fat. Advanced laser technology rapidly dissolves excess fat in target zone including the thighs, abdomen, arms, neck and face. The procedure is safe and effective and requires no general anesthesia.


Other forms of body sculpting include BBL Skin Tightening and Venus Viva RF Needling. BBL Skin Tightening consisted of concentrating infrared energy to heat soft tissue causing soft tissue coagulation and collagen contraction. Venus Viva RF Needling creates microscopic holes on the surface of the skin to trigger the body’s production of collagen and elastin. Both processes initiate the body’s natural healing process, resulting in firmer, more youthful-looking skin.


The full effect of skin firming treatments varies but can often be seen over several subsequent months. Schedule your appointment today and let Gravity Wellness Center smooth out your look with one of our many age-reversal treatments!

Body Sculpting

Gravity Wellness Float Rooms Have Arrived!


Prepare to experience weightlessness in our highly-concentrated float pool where you will defy the constant downward effects of gravity bringing relief to the wear-and-tear on your bones and achy muscles and joints. Your body will experience the maximum benefits from deep relaxation including stress reduction, improved circulation, alpha wave production, endorphin release, heightened awareness and mental focus while suspended in a skin-temperature salt bath.


Athletes will better coordinate during sporting activities and subconsciously attain an increased level of focus.


Take advantage of all of the scientifically-proven benefits of floating at Gravity Wellness Center in Garden City, KS.


Services We Offer

  • Botox® Injectables
  • Microdermabrasion
  • Chemical Peels
  • Microneedling
  • Pigmentation Correction
  • Laser Hair Removal
  • Acne Control
  • Cosmetic Dermatology
  • Body Sculpting
  • Float Therapy
Envision a New You! Beauty Redefined!
  • Blue Light Therapy
  • Antibiotics
  • Microneedling
  • Microdermabrasion
  • Chemical peels
  • Facial Cleansers
  • BBL Colored Spot Treatment

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